Become A Ducati Dealer


Be part of the team!

This is a unique opportunity to become a member of a very distinctive dealer network with one of the most successful Italian premium brands in the world. As you would expect we are looking for the highest quality candidates to represent the Ducati brand within designated areas in different countries.

Buying a Ducati is a very special decision for anyone and we need exceptional dealerships to deliver a PREMIUM experience to our customers. Your commitment will be to deliver just that, while fully embracing a Ducati lifestyle approach to your business. The business opportunity encompasses a unique range of new and used motorcycle sales, a wide range of state of the art accessories, branded lifestyle and technical riding apparel, and high-caliber service and parts sales. These are all key elements of a Ducati dealership that must be staffed and managed to the highest standards. In order to open a Ducati single-line dealership or add the Ducati franchise to your existing business, you must possess certain characteristics which are very important to us:

Passion for motorcycles.
Only those people who live and breathe motorcycles can sell Ducati.

Passion for Ducati.
Ducati Customers are among the most dedicated and passionate motorcyclists in the world and you must be too…they will expect nothing less!

Good communication and interpersonal skills.
The place where Ducati brand is represented is not just a sales point. It is a place of discovery where people come to talk about motorcycles, trips and races. The general manager of a Ducati dealership must have an outgoing personality and a love of being with other people.

An entrepreneurial spirit.
Selling Ducati motorcycles is a fun business, but managing it requires a lot of ability. The proven ability to run a modern business is crucial.

A 360° business vision: the Service appeal.
The proper management of the Service Dept. is key for the overall business profitability of your dealership as well as for the long term relation with Customers. Ducati entrepreneurs must have this complete business vision for the common success of their business and the brand they proudly represent.

In addition to these important qualities, the right candidate must possess the following fundamental elements:

Funding. Suitable levels of funding must be available to the applicant in order to launch and maintain a successful dealership.

Premises. A suitable site will need to be situated within the designated available territory.

Experience. You should ideally have had experience with retailing motorcycles or at least have the management background required to recruit the necessary skills for the business.

If you would like to open a Ducati Dealership in USA, Canada or Mexico, download the "Become A Ducati Dealer" form from the side link and send it to

  This is a unique profitable opportunity. The rewards can be much more but you must be totally dedicated and passionate about Ducati. Expectations are always high at Ducati, our Customers expect superb products and a premium service, our race teams expect to win races and championships…Passion and dedication are what carry us the extra mile to meet those expectations and let us reap the rewards.