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A D.O.C.'s goal is to become a Ducati ambassador in the local area, offering its members the chance to take their passion for Ducati bikes to a new level, thanks to exclusive activities and the sharing of new experiences. Founding an official Ducati club means entering into an exclusive community in which you can enjoy services and benefits reserved for clubs and members, a privileged relationship with the company and all of the benefits of a worldwide network based on a unique passion for bikes and the Ducati brand. D.O.C.s can count on Ducati's support through direct contact and a dedicated online area for presidents and staff (D.C.O - Ducati Club organiser). They receive a Welcome Kit reserved for D.O.C.s and, on request, a support kit for events, and Ducati guarantees Clubs' visibility and relevance via all of its communication channels, both on and off line.

If there is no D.O.C. in your area and you want to set one up, send us your candidacy! Ducati will contact you shortly to inform you of the outcome of your request
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