1199 Panigale S panel by Tamiya


In the year in which Ducati celebrates its 90th anniversary, Tamiya, a well-known Japanese manufacturer of construction kits and finished models, presents a new product that will amaze all fans: parts panels.

These works of model making art reproduce every single part of a model construction kit, removed from the sprue (the frame that holds the parts), painted with the utmost precision, and individually displayed on a high quality panel. 


Tamiya has produced parts panels, on two different colored frameworks, of the fantastic 1/12 scale model of the iconic Ducati 1199 Panigale S; each of these includes parts that are recreated down to the finest detail, some pieces that highlight the extraordinary mechanics of the powerful engine and single elements of the suspension, even reproducing such details as burn marks on the exhaust. 


The lucky owners of these panels will be able to appreciate all of the precision that Tamiya puts into creating pieces that are not usually visible, as they are hidden by a model's fairings. The Tamiya logo stands out with its twin star shape on the refined frame, accompanied by an aluminium name plate. 


Tamiya's commitment to quality is a characteristic that has helped make it a world leader in the sector, which is surely apparent in their fascinating interpretation of the bike from which it takes its inspiration: the Ducati 1199 Panigale S.